Best home remedies for dental pain

Dental pain is caused by infections, cavities, a cracked tooth, periodontitis disease and an exposed tooth root. Dental pain can be mild and sometimes unbearable. If you have had a toothache, then one of your friends might have suggested you use home remedies to ease the pain. Even if you didn’t try them out, home remedies have been proven to alleviate the pain. Sometimes the pain gets unbearable at night and you can’t get medication immediately. Here are some of the home remedies that can help you relieve the pain.


Did you know that garlic can relieve dental pain? Garlic has medicinal and antibiotic properties that assist in reducing the pain and thus making you feel better. To use garlic as a remedy, you will have to mix garlic powder with black or table salt and apply it directly on the affected tooth. This can help to lessen the pain. Alternatively, you can chew two cloves of garlic to get a reprieve.


Have you tried warm salt water to ease your pain? If not, you should try it once. If you mix a half teaspoonful of common salt in a glass of warm water and use it to clean your mouth, you will certainly get a relieved. Saltwater assists to lessen irritation and swelling as well as fight the bacteria that trigger infection.


This is amazing! Toothache remedies are not far away from your kitchen. Cloves are an excellent option for treating dental pain. They have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, and anti-bacterial properties that assist in lessening the pain and also fight infection. All you need is mix some olive oil with two ground whole cloves and apply on your aching tooth. However, if cloves come into contact with sensitive areas of the mouth, the pain might get even worse.

Peppermint tea

It has a pleasant flavor and some anesthetizing power. Just put one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves into one cup boiling of water and then sheer for about 20 minutes. Let the tea to cool, hiss it around in your mouth, then swallow or spit it out. Redo this until you feel relieved.


Don’t use just any toothpaste. Use the one that is meant for sensitive teeth. This can be suitable for people who have shrinking gums as it can assist to relieve the pain that you suffer from cold or hot foods. Shrinking gums cause the dentin to be exposed.


Finding a kitchen without onions is unusual. Apart from being added to the food we eat, onion is a good toothache remedy. Onions have antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that help treat a toothache. It offers pain relief by killing the germs that cause infection. You can use onions by chewing a raw onion or placing it on the aching tooth.


While you may consider everything in the kitchen as food, most of the cooking ingredients are excellent pain relievers.  Regardless of the home remedy you take, make an effort to consult your dentist as well.

How Long Does Invisalign Treatment Take?

Generally, teenagers are more responsive to Invisalign treatment than adults. This is due to the fact that their teeth are easier to move to the alignments made by the Invisalign treatment. So as a rule of thumb, teenagers do not need to wear the aligners as long as adults do. The adult teeth are usually less responsive and the treatment tend to take longer.


Factors that lengthen Invisalign treatement :


The duration of the treatment is affected by diverse factors. If you don’t wear the aligners for the twenty to twenty-two hours prescribed, your treatment have a higher chance of being significantly prolonged. You can take the aligners off in order to eat and brush your teeth, but you should wear them at all other times. This includes when you are sleeping, working, or performing any daily activities.

For example, refusing to wear your aligners at school may result in your orthodontist not knowing why your treatment is not progressing as fast as it should be. This will lead him/her to require you to wear the aligners longer than you would have, if you followed the initial recommendation.

Other factors may affect the duration. If you have a complex case, like having teeth that need to be moved to a complicated alignment, your treatment may take longer than someone who needs to move fewer teeth. It is good to keep in mind that Invisalign sometimes cannot move teeth as drastically as braces can. Some complex cases may prove to be a challenge.


How to Shorten Invisalign Treatments?


There are steps that you may follow to make your treatment as short as possible. It is a good idea to wear your aligners for the duration recommended by your orthodontist. This is usually between twenty and twenty-two hours a day. You may find that your teeth and jaw get a little sore at first, but don’t worry! This is a part of the alignment process.

The Invisalign aligners need to be properly cared for. Notify your orthodontist if one of the them becomes cracked, and be sure to deep clean them at least once a week. Any food particles that may be hanging to your aligners should be removed regularly. This will keep them working properly, while securing a good health for your teeth. It’s important to remember to change your aligners on the proper date. Also be sure to never travel without them, this will get you closer to the smile you’ve always desired.


How Often Will I Get a New Aligner?

The typical period for every aligner is two weeks. However, this depends on your vigilance about wearing them for the prescribed duration. If not worn enough, your teeth will not have the time to move quickly. This may increase the period of each aligner up to three weeks.


How to  Maintain your New Smile after Treatment Is Over?


After you finish your Invisalign treatment, you are free to enjoy brilliant smile. Unlike with the braces, you do not need any period of adjustment after the treatment. It’s possible, however, for your orthodontist to prescribe a retainer that you’ll need to wear only at night.


Home Remedies For Tooth Sensitivity


Do you suffer of a very annoying tooth sensitivity? Then you are not alone, because just like you there are tons of people who suffer the same problem. The difference between you and them is that, right now, you are going to solve it. Does it sound great enough for you? If it does then just come with us and see how you can improve your current condition with the help of these home remedies.

But First…

Remember to ALWAYS consult with a dentist. These home remedies should be a support of the main treatment supplied by your dentist. He’s the problem on these matters, so he must be the one who supplies you with a main treatment to follow.

We want to protect you, that’s why we advise you this. Now that this point is pretty clear, it’s time to continue with the rest of this article.

Coconut Oil Is Your Best Friend:

2All you need to do is to put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for approximately 10 minutes. Once you are done (however you can extend it up to 15-20 minutes), you must spit the oil out and use warm water to clean your mouth completely.

This home remedy is quite popular because its effects are quite powerful. You will begin to feel them in a very short time. The key here is consistency. You won’t repair your teeth enamel in 1 night, you need to be patient and know that the results will start to flourish if you keep using this home remedy.

You can try to repeat it 2 times a day, but with only 1 you’re also going to obtain great benefits. This remedy only works when applied constantly, so remember it, otherwise you won’t experience the full benefits or effects it could bring to you. It’s important to make yourself the promise is going on, because that’s the unique way by which you will accomplish your goal.

Special Toothpaste:

tooth-brush with tooth-paste, isolated on white

Your dentist can help you with it. There are certain toothpastes which are made for people like you who have problems with enamel and tooth sensitivity. This will help you very much, because this toothpaste will have the specific and wonderful function of repairing your dental enamel.

Your dentist needs to recommend you the best one for you. Because after all he’s the unique person qualified to give you this kind of advice. Don’t go along with what other people say. When it comes to dental health, and especially something like this, then you need to carefully listen to your dentist and see what he suggests you to do. So listen to him.

Mouth Problems: Discover The Most Common Ones


Your oral health is very important… pretty important. More than what you think. There are certain problems which attack your mouth and can cause quite some problems in your life. On this new blog post we will review some of them, the most common ones.

Protect Your Teeth of Tooth Decay:

2This problem affects people in all countries and in all age ranges. It’s mainly caused by two things: a diet high in sugar and processed food and poor oral hygiene. These two things are the main ingredients for disaster.

What happens there? The plaque present on your teeth (which is there in high amounts due to the lack of proper oral hygiene) mixes up with sugar you get from your diet. What happens there is that these elements react with each other, creating a damaging compound that affects your enamel.

Can you understand it now? That’s how tooth decay works and that’s how it’s damaging your teeth. The best way to protect yourself from it is to eat low in sugar and clean your teeth 3 times a day. If you already suffer this problem, then consult with your dentist.

Tooth Sensitivity:

This is another common issue which affects a lot of people. If you have problems eating cold things like an ice-cream, then chances tell you suffer of high tooth sensitivity, but that’s not a thing a dentist cannot solve with a proper treatment.

The Most Common Dental Problems and Diseases


Some diseases and problems are more common than others. On this article we will talk about the most “popular” ones, these which affect a large of the population. At the end of this article you’ll find advice and tips on how to improve your own dental health, because there’s no better policy than prevention.

Bad Breath:

Would you like a mint? Bad breath is one of the most common issues regarding oral health. It’s quite embarrassing and problematic. In some people it can have a direct effect in their self-esteem. So it can quickly escalate and because a very harmful issue.

There are many ways to solve it, but it all resides in two fundaments: a proper nutrition and excellent oral hygiene. The best policy is prevention, and if you have a correct nutrition and an optimal oral hygiene, then you will keep bad breath out of your life.


It’s a common issue amongst people, especially in those who don’t have a correct order in their life. When you have a life of these characteristics, then it’s easier to have a bad diet, and this will lead to problems with your teeth and as a consequence you will also suffer of bad breath.

That’s why having a correct order in your life is very important, because it’s also anchored to your own health. So keep that in mind, if you want to keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh, then you need to take care of your diet and your oral hygiene, the two most important things.

Tooth Decay:

Another issue that affects lots of people all over the globe. This problem attacks enamel on your teeth, therefore damaging them. It mixes up with plaque present on your teeth with sugar you get from your diet, and this reaction results to be quite damaging for your enamel.

3The best way to prevent and treat tooth decay is to consult with your dentist, have a proper nutrition and clean your teeth daily. That’s not so complicated, yet a lot of people seem to not be able to follow these simple guidelines. Again, having an unorganized life is a main cause of this. If you feel like you have not real control on your life, then you should start to change it.

Extreme Teeth Sensitivity:

This is another very common issue. If you experience pain while eating hot or cold foods, then you may suffer of this problem. Again, the best way to deal with it is to consult your dentist, fix your diet and your oral hygiene habits. This is how you will treat and defeat this complication which is affecting your life nowadays.