Mouth Problems: Discover The Most Common Ones


Your oral health is very important… pretty important. More than what you think. There are certain problems which attack your mouth and can cause quite some problems in your life. On this new blog post we will review some of them, the most common ones.

Protect Your Teeth of Tooth Decay:

2This problem affects people in all countries and in all age ranges. It’s mainly caused by two things: a diet high in sugar and processed food and poor oral hygiene. These two things are the main ingredients for disaster.

What happens there? The plaque present on your teeth (which is there in high amounts due to the lack of proper oral hygiene) mixes up with sugar you get from your diet. What happens there is that these elements react with each other, creating a damaging compound that affects your enamel.

Can you understand it now? That’s how tooth decay works and that’s how it’s damaging your teeth. The best way to protect yourself from it is to eat low in sugar and clean your teeth 3 times a day. If you already suffer this problem, then consult with your dentist.

Tooth Sensitivity:

This is another common issue which affects a lot of people. If you have problems eating cold things like an ice-cream, then chances tell you suffer of high tooth sensitivity, but that’s not a thing a dentist cannot solve with a proper treatment.